Monsoon season has finally hit the Valley, but along with the much-needed rain comes property damages and insurance claims.

Phoenix AAA has already gotten a number of claims following storms this week. They've noticed that the following are the most common types of damage:

1. Uprooted trees
2. Fallen trees on homes and property
3. Fallen trees on cars
4. Leaking roofs
5. Roof damage

In order for you to hopefully avoid having to file a claim, AAA recommends taking these actions before a storm hits your neighborhood:

1. Secure outdoor objects like garbage cans and furniture to keep them from blowing around and causing damage to your home.
2. Prepare for electric surges and outages by plugging in a surge protector for your electronics.
3. Drive safely during a storm. Don't drive on flooded roads and do not take pictures as you drive. Social media can wait.
4. Give your friendly insurance agent a call and make sure that you're adequately covered.

Stay safe, Arizona!