(KFYI News) There's a new baby elephant in Arizona! The unnamed calf was born last night at Tucson's Reid Park Zoo. Vivian VanPeenen, Reid's education director, says mom Semba is doing well -- considering she was pregnant for almost two years.

"The birth was amazing," VanPeenen said "Semba's due date was technically between the end of June and mid- to end-August. So, she held out until the bitter end."

VanPeenen says as far as zookeepers can tell, the baby is healthy. However, visitors won't be able to see the newborn for a few days.  That's because she has to bond with her mom, start nursing aggressively, and learn to follow Mom wherever she goes.

For more information and photos, check out the zoo's Elephant Blog at: http://reidparkzoo.org/baby-elephant-info/baby-elephant-blog/



Photos courtesy of Reid Park Zoo