Back to school for another year, one in kindergarten the other in the second grade!  Now that we have two busy boys, i felt the need to find a way to communicate with them without getting a cell phone, just in case...Just in case I would be late, or someone else would be coming to get them.  If you are a mom or dad then you know there can be a million and one "Just in cases."  

This year I have them outfitted with the latest innovation called the AMBER ALERT GPS - its a smart locater with a GPS built in and a two-way calling feature that we use all the time.  

Think about this, you are at the grocery store and one of your kids goes missing!  No need to panic, you grab your cell and call their GPS locater, then when it automatically answers you find out where they are.  Maybe you are at sporting event or a theme park and you can't find them, you simply open the app on your phone and see where they are RIGHT NOW!  There are so many more safety features that I know you will LOVE, I just hope you will take a minute to explore their site for details.  I have already said it, "This is a MUST HAVE for every parent with busy kiddos!"  

My kids use it on their backpacks, but there is also a wrist band and lanyard if you like...

(Truman has it in that black case below us lego keychain)

(Gordy has the same case, hanging from his backpack)