Mathew has comedian Paul Reiser in studio to talk about performing at Stand Up Live March 28 and March 29. Reiser, known for his TV roles in "Mad About You" and "The Paul Resier Show." He received multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG awards for "Mad About You."

Reiser can be seen starring opposite Miles Teller in Whiplash coming to theaters in the Fall. He can also be seen in a new FX comedy "Married" premiering this Fall as well. Here is his IMDB page.

Mathew talks to him about what it is like to be a dad. They talk about their kids and how comedy has changed today with the tools like Youtube, which was not around during Paul's prime. 

Listen to the full interview below. 


Here is Paul Reiser Hangin' with Priscilla Holdin' Avocados