Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning for drag racing and DUI in Miami Beach. The only official detail is he was in a rented Lamborghini. Bieber has now gotten in trouble with the law on countless occasions now in addition to saying and doing stupid things not against the law. We have compiled a list of five previous Bieber stories that we deemed the worst. 

He was filmed sleeping in bed by a Brazilian prostitute 

The Egg Incident

In Australia he was detained and searched for drugs

He attacked paparazzi

He said he thinks Anne Frank would have been a 'Belieber'

Which story do you think is the worst, and do you think he will be deported back to Canada?

UPDATE: TMZ recently released the police report for Justin's arrest and there's also a video! 

See the entire report by clicking on the photo below! 

Justin Bieber ARRESTED For DUI and Drag Racing - Watch More Celebrity Videos or SubscribeThis is Justin Bieber's official mugshot.