Well it looks like our video encounter with Senator John McCain below has helped our friend Kinsey get one step closer to THE VIEW! As of yesterday, Kinsey's primary competition, Meghan McCain, has dropped out of the race! Fingers crossed as Kinsey continues her quest for a spot on The View! 

Listen below to hear Kinsey's reaction, and her next steps going forward

Meet Kinsey Schofield.  She's an Arizona socialite that wants a spot on THE VIEW. Senator John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain is also up for that final spot! Kinsey came on the show this morning to ask Mathew to help her campaign for the job.

McCain was also in the building. So Mathew asked the Senator if she wouldn't mind taking a couple of minutes to discuss his daughter's potential spot on The View with Kinsey.

Watch the video below to see what happened next!