Earlier this week we received an email from Tori about her daughter CC.

She explained that CC was a straight A student, a musician, a singer, and very involved in her high school.

The only problem is CC was officially diagnosed last May with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). That is where even the slightest touch can feel like a blow torch to the skin.

Slowly it becomes worse and is effecting her limbs daily and there will be days where she can't even go to school because the pain has been too much to bare. From the outside she looks fine, but this has been quite the internal battle.

Ed Sheeran's music has really helped her get through this tough time so we thought, let's help her get through it even a little better.

We got Tori and CC on the phone to surprise her with the opportunity of a lifetime! Let's just say there was a lot of singing, crying, and excitement!!

Listen to the interview below for this Feel Good Friday Story!!