All Month Mathew has been completing items off of the official  "Mathew's Man Card Challenge" that you can see HERE, but this one was probably the one he was most scared to do because 1. He wanted to make sure it was going to be extremely special to him 2. It is extremely permanent 3. The pain was probably a factor.

After months of contemplating what he was going to receive, picking the right tattoo artist, going over the sketches several times to make sure it was the right one, to finally showing up and biting the bullet it turned out amazing!

It is finally completed! He did it!! HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone that supported Mathew and helped him pick out a tattoo and shared some input and especially to Mr. Bubba Irwin from OLD TOWN INK. His work was incredible and he proved that in the AMAZING tattoo he completed for Mathew.
You can see more of his work HERE.


Now for the big reveal! Check out Mathew's new tattoo in the photo gallery and video below!