Our guy Mathew Blades has always been known to be more feminine than most guys. And we always gave him crap for it. SO, A few months ago he embarked on his official Man Card Challenge and he was challenged to complete 5 tasks.

Firefighter Challenge, Drive and Park an 18 wheeler, Shoot a gun, Get a tattoo, aaannnnddd RIDE A REAL BULL!!

And he DID it!!!! He has completed the entire Man Card Challenge and went out with a HUGE BANG when he rode the bull!

The best part about it was he was able to raise $810 for the Officer Mendoza Scholarship for the Boys and Girls Club of East Mesa.

It was an incredible night with an amazing outcome!

Thank you to everyone that participated, donated, came out to show support and over all anyone involved! We couldn't have done it without all of you!

Now, enjoy the video...and don't miss the end - its the video of the ride with a GoPro attached to the bulls head. 


Here is the donation drop off video - the best part!