SO, while showing Mathew a picture of Lyla on my phone, Mathew did the unspoken. He started scrolling through my pictures!!! Aaannd, he came across something he would not let go of. I had about 5 selfies of the same pose in my phone and he started teasing me asking me why I do that?!

Well, I explained to him that I took a few to see which one I liked better. Oh that feels so bad typing it out, I could only imagine how it feels reading it...

BUT ladies, have my back, I am not the only one that takes a few selfies before posting the one she likes, right?!?!

And for the record, I am not a huge selfie girl and I probably post one every few months. But my makeup looked really good so I thought, why NOT!

Sooo of course, Mathew thought I should put up the said selfies to show the "differences" between all of them..



Oh an here are all of my selfies on top of each other to show the differences! HAHA!



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