OK, for those of you here to win the trip to the COSMOPOLITAN in LAS VEGAS, simply CLICK HERE to enter.  For those curious to see the 5 phrases that hurt a marriage, keep on reading.  

Let me start with my marriage to Niccoli, I think its amazing, ROCK solid.  I think I can speak for my wife and say that I don't think is a doubt in either one of our minds that we will grow super old together.  OUR secret?  We NEVER sweat the small stuff...EVER.  We've probably had 3 arguments in our 10 year marriage and 2/3 were my dumb mouth getting into trouble.  So, here are my TOP 3 from the article, and HERE IS A LINK to the full article.  

1.  "You Always...."

2.  "Divorce"

3.  "I'm Busy"

I personally think that this list is a little weak.  I think there are a lot of people that use pretty harsh words with their spouse.  If you like, leave a comment below with your phrase that hurt's not only marriage, but relationships....Thanks for reading this and THANK YOU for listening each morning!