We talked to Lauren Urasek who is the most popular girl on OK Cupid, receiving 35 messages a day and Priscilla wanted to know how she does this. So, Mathew and Justin wrote up this profile for Priscilla to help her out.

Check it out!


Priscilla Ornelas

Age: 27

Height: 5’5

Body Type: Athletic curvy


Single Mother (so we know she puts out)


Hi, I’m Priscilla and I am a fun loving mom who grew up in Phoenix.  I had my daughter really young, like SCARY young.  Early on, I went through an ugly phase so I have a GREAT personality.  I have some cosmetic surgery that I want to get done, and we can talk about that later, but I just didn’t want you to hear it from someone else.  I don’t have time for BS because I am busy. 



What are you looking for in a relationship? 

He has to be taller than me and really freaking hot.  I’d like him to be white and successful in life.  He has to be OK with my awesome daughter and NOT be funnier than me.  Ideally he knows all the lyrics to NSYNC songs and when its karaoke time can bust out BABY GOT BACK with me at the bar.  I love to laugh at my own jokes, so you won’t have to and require that my next fun loving guy speaks a little Spanish.


What’s your most embarrassing moment? 

I have so many its impossible to come up with just one.  I am a self-proclaimed klutz that stumbles through life.  Honestly there are moments where I wonder how I am still alive. 


What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?  

Surfing TED.COM for inspirational speeches to help me better myself.  I also like to Snapchat with my friends while I hold an avocado.


Fun facts about me? 

I have a lot of hair.

I can text REALLY fast.

My feet sweat a lot.

I like reality TV and hope to be one of those girls someday.

I wear full cut briefs – because they are comfortable.

When I get nervous, I chew on my hair.