An unzipped skate suit, a knocked down door and a phone number on a helmet. This is how the Sochi Olympics began over the weekend. 


Olga Graf, a Russian speed skater won Russia its first medal, but it's not her performance that people are talking about, she unzipped her suit down to her bellybutton and must have forgot she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Take a look at the picture!

Here is a photo of her reaction. She said, "only afterward did I realize that maybe this video will be posted to Youtube" 

Here is a gif set for your viewing pleasure:


We knew there have been a lot of problems at hotels in Sochi, but now the bathroom doors won't open. A member of the U.S. bobsled team got stuck in a bathroom and had to break down the door to get out. Johnny Quinn was locked in after a shower without his phone so he used his talents to get free. 

Here's his tweet that broke the story 


Here is the photo of his helmet: