"Live where you can play" (Contest Entry Below)

That’s going to the theme on this blog post.  When SUMMER in AZ asked me to blog about something it was a no brainer for me.  I didn’t pick a day trip, I wanted to choose something special to me.  A place I use 2-3 times a week, where my wife and kids can come along too.  I choose South Mountain!  South Mountain is enormous - at 16,000 acres South MTN is one of the largest parks in the country and its right here in our backyard!  This park is my choice for exercise, my choice for serenity, and where I come up with most of the ideas I use on the radio every morning on Mix969.  Not so coincidently the radio towers that transmit the signal you get in your car come from the towers on top of South Mountain.  

Now there are plenty of options all around South Mountain, but I live in the Ahwatukee Foothils so for me, its Telegraph Pass…There is an awesome parking lot that will fill up fast on a nice day, and even have a port-a-potty should you need it.  

The trails start off paved, for a bit then you get to choose…Left? or Right?  

Left takes you up Telegraph Pass (my choice) or right you use the Desert Classic trail.  Going right is a pretty option for MTN Biking or trail running.  It’s fairly smooth, with some up and downs but still challenging enough if you want to push it.  Head left and Telegraph Pass is where you will find me.  It’s a pretty smooth beginning, then the climb begins.  Just before the climb begins you can take a break here:

The climb isn’t for everyone, because there are some big steps you need to make, but I take my kids up there so if the 8 and 5 year old can hang, so can you…Right?  On the way up there are a few places to pull off and look south.  


After a few steep climbs you reach the top of Telegraph pass.  You have a bench to sit on where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ahwatukee Foothills.  

Do yourself a favor when you are up there though and cross the street and look North, so of the most incredible views of PHX come from that spot!  

After that, you have another choice to make, will you keep heading up using the National Trail East or the National Trail West OR head back down.  Now I’m a South Mountain two timer (made that term up) so I head back down to the Y point and then head back up for round two, but like I said this is usually my workout for the day so I push it.  If you choose to go up some more, there is this really cool hut at the top of the West trail. 


Couple things to keep in mind, if you plan to try out this hike

  1. In the summer its packed in the morning, especially on the weekend, and parking can be tough but NOT impossible.
  2. Lots of people (including me) run this hike, so keep your eye out for us crazies. 

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