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HUMP DAY BUMP DAY: 26 weeks!!


My career in radio started one day with a blind date contest on air - and I was the girl getting set up! I had such an amazing time participating that even after the contest aired, I knew I had to be a part of this amazing industry! So, I wiggled my way in the door by asking if I could help the station in anyway possible even if it meant sweeping the floors, and after some hard work and great guidance, here I am!With that being said, outside of radio, I'm a single mom and I'm an Arizona Native! I know, us natives are far and few in between! I'm a first generation American and Spanish was my first language, although no one ever believes it until they hear me speak it! I'm trying to pass that along to my daughter, Lyla, by teaching her Spanish but she is more interested in playing baseball, and learning the guitar.On my free time you can find me hanging out with my daughter, comparing my life to Liz Lemon (I am certain we live mirrored lives) and always always laughing! I am always in a good mood and and love to project that energy to other people. Life has been good to me and I'd like to think I don't see the glass half full or half empty, but just grateful I have something in the glass!


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