So the last few months I have really been on a mission to lose weight and get in the best shape of my life. Mostly because I really want to get healthy now that I am getting older. BUT no matter what I did, I would only lose a pound here and there. My clothes were fitting better but I wasn't seeing the scale budge.

SO, I was talking to one of my trainer friends and they pointed out that what works for other people doesn't work for everyone! He also mentioned that I could be putting on muscle but losing fat.

So, I decided to go try one of these "BodPod" contraptions. What it does is, not only does it weigh you, but it breaks down your weight into how much of it is fat and how much of it is lean mass like your muscles and organs and bones! It tells you the percentage of fat your body has and if it's in a healthy range or not for your age/height. It also calculates how many calories you burn just breathing based on the percentage of body fat vs muscle mass. (For example, if you just sat all day and didn't make any movement.) AND it tells you how many calories a day you need to eat to just maintain your body weight. Any amount above that you will gain weight, and any amount below it you will lose. 

So, what I ended up finding out was, I was eating way too many calories!! Even the recommended amount in most diets is too much for my body composition. It was so helpful and now I know what steps to take to get back on track!!

Here I am in the cool BodPod getting my test completed. (Which only took 10 min by the way)