I have always been a very healthy person. Every check up I went to I always came out with flying colors. So, when I went to see Ciao Bella Medical Spa and Vein Clinic to get some cosmetic spider veins removed they actually took the time to examine me and make sure that the cosmetic problem wasn't the result of a medical problem.

So, when Angel took the time to ultrasound my legs, look at all the symptoms I was having that I wasn't even aware wasn't normal, I found out I was actually living with Vein Disease.

To no surprise, I was a little shaken up. But with the incredible staff at Ciao Bella they wasted no time to figure out a treatment plan that worked for me.

Angel explained everything that was happening during the ultra sound and even showed me the parts of my legs in the ultra sound that were in the most need.

Then I met with Stephanie and she was quick to lay out my treatment plan and schedule all of my appointments to have my Vein Disease treated with the laser therapy and injections.

And the day of my first treatment I was TERRIFIED!! But Dr. Zavala was INCREDIBLE and he explained everything to me. He even walked me through the entire process as it was happening and let me know when something new was happening. It really put me at ease to be so informed. Amy, who is his medical assistant, was very attentive and calming. She has really helped keep me at ease when my nerves would get the best of me.

My follow ups have been pretty through as well. They've all  made sure that I was healing properly, have asked several questions about how I am recovering at home, and making sure I am following all of the post op care.

I've never felt so at ease with such a great team and on top of that, they are very personable so you feel like you are in the hands of close friends.

My experience has been nothing but perfect and I would recommend Ciao Bella to any of my friends and family.

The best part is, they are not just a vein clinic. They also perform all cosmetic procedures from facials to Full Mommy Makeovers!

So, go in and see Dr. Zavala and the entire staff at Ciao Bella Medical Spa and Vein Clinic for all of your vein and cosmetic needs. You will NOT be disappointed.

You can visit them online at CiaoBellaMedicalSpa.Com OR give them a call at 480-686-8121 to schedule your consultation and have the same wonderful experience I'VE had!