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I can't believe it! Or better yet... I don't want to believe it!!

SEVERAL Media outlets are reporting that Eva Mendes is 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! (and yes, it's Ryan's...)

First of all, how did she hide her pregnancy for that long?

Secondly, and most importantly, whyyyyyyyyy Ryan whhyyyyyy!!!

I heard she is NOT a nice lady and apparently one of their biggest issues as a couple was having kids. But, now that she is pregnant, they are in BLISS. Though, don't be expecting wedding bells anytime soon. Ryan still isn't sold on the idea of that.

I really hope this isn't true and every single person reporting this is getting it wrong because...
I mean... Noah.. You're supposed to end up with Ally..

or me..

It's a sad day for all of us. Let's all pour out a drink for our lost false hope..

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