So Saturday morning we were out at Pat's Run representing the station and talking to all of the racers. We noticed that there were a ton of good looking people all over the place so Mathew came up with the idea to have me secretly take a picture with hot guys. It was great fun but we only got to 4 or 5 guys and by the time we got to the last guy it was game over. He was so good looking!

And because I have a habit of being "funny" I posted the photo of him and I on my Facebook with the caption: "Hey if anyone saw this hottie at #PatsRun tell him I said hi #ididntgethisname #Orhisnumba #Heartbroken #Serendipity?"


See the photo of all the hot guys below along with the Facebook exchange where he found out about the pic!


And listen to what happened on air this morning and how the guys totally AMBUSHED ME!