SO, I would like to start by saying that I am a self proclaimed train wreck! And I don't mean a train wreck like my life is a mess but I mean a train wreck like clumsy, goofy, and just randomly getting myself into embarrassing situations that I am so used to, I take in stride at this point.

And this past weekend was NO exception...

SO, Saturday was Victoria's Secret's HUGE Semi- Annual Sale! (Ladies, you know how big of a deal this is. Prices as low as 3 dollars!) And of course, I took advantage of it and bought about 30 pairs of undergarments and walked away like I hit the jackpot!
After a strenuous day of shopping (I know I live a hard knock life) I decided to go sit down and have a nice lunch.

Fast forward, I get home and I realize my Vickie's Secret bag is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Of course, in a panic, I start to retrace all of my steps and realize, "Ohhhh crap, I left it at the restaurant."

So, I start my ride back to the restaurant and don't even think twice about it until I get to the restaurant and realize, how am I going to ask this guy if he found my bag of undies... 

So, Like the "train wreck" that I am, I just push through and say..
"Excuse me, I just ate here and I think I left my bag of um.. Victoria's Secret products here"

Without hesitation he says, "OH, is it the bag full of panties??"

Um, why yes, yes it is.. Thank you sir for going through my bag..

Greatly appreciate it...

Let's see what other embarrassing moments I can get myself into next week..


Victoria's Secret Angel Photocall  : News Photo