Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

Sam Smith‘s emotional ballad, “Stay With Me,” is about wanting a one-night-stand to be more.

And he opened up about the song and its success with On Air with Ryan Seacrest‘s Tanya Rad during a recent interview.

“There’s a rawness to that song, which I hope a lot people can connect with,” explains the British singer. “I’m an emotional guy and I think unlike a lot of men in the industry and in music, I’m willing to show that emotional side. I don’t have an bravado to put in front, and I’m just showing my raw self.”

And Sam already has some famous fans!

“I did Coachella with the Disclosure boys, and Mary J. Blige was there and she’s met me before and I think she’s got to know my music and last night and was so warm and friendly with me.”

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