LOST LAKE FESTIVAL: Bonnaroo Type Music Festival Coming to Phoenix!


It's happening! This October a 3-day "multi-format, multi-stage" Music Festival called Lost Lake Festival will be coming to Phoenix! But this isn't just a music festival, it will involve local culinary, art, and games of all kinds and it will be held at Steele Indian School Park.  

It will be like Bonnaroo, but the difference is that festival goers are expected to be local residents so there  will be no camping on the grounds

We're pumped because organizers say there will be 40+ music acts, and some of them will be  iconic internationally-known artists as well as up-and-coming and local artists.  Plus tons of food booths to spotlight Phoenix's being a "foodie" hot spot!  And of course you can't for get all of the art and games that will be a part of the festival that will mirror Phoenix's year round active lifestyle vibe!

The organizers ("Superfly") are the same ones who produce Bonnaroo and say Phoenix is the next logical location for a similar major multi-day festival, and Steele Indian School Park is "one of the best venues we've seen" for such an event due to its layout and its proximity to public transit and the heart of downtown Phoenix.

 Who's as excited as we are???


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