Ocean Spray CEO Gives TikTok Star Who Created Fleetwood Mac Video New Truck

You've seen this video all over the place by now.

The TikTok star Nathan Apodaca's car broke down on the way to work, so he took his longboard, a bottle of cranberry juice, and jammed out to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. People latched on so much in recreating the video that Mick Fleetwood himself joined the platform to do his own version. The video has racked up millions and millions of views across multiple platforms, and the CEO of Ocean Spray (what he was drinking) wanted to thank Nathan for drinking his product. So they got him a brand new truck full of cranberry juice. Check out his reaction when a rep pulled up with the surprise!

I think he's pretty happy with his new set of wheels.

According to TMZ,

Soon after, Nathan, who was saving money to upgrade his ride, gottons of donationsfrom strangers all over the country ... more than $10k he said might use for a new RV.

I guess 'Dreams' do come true... (see what I did there?)