Kobe Bryant On The Phoenix Suns; "That Was A Real Rivalry"

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant played many games in Arizona against the Phoenix Suns and it was a love/hate relationship. Phoenix fans loved to watch him play and loved to root against him... because he was the best.

During Bryant's final season in the NBA he spoke well about the Phoenix Suns. A video posted by 12 News Sports producer Matt Johnson from Kobe's press conference was exactly that...

See the video below where he says the Phoenix Suns were 'a real rivalry'

"They really pushed us to grow as a team," Bryant said about the Suns. "It was two years they knocked us out and we just had some unbelievable games. That was a real rivalry to me...Phoenix, they kicked our butts and we had to overcome them. That was a real rivalry."

Read more at 12 News

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