Known for her voice of reason and warm energy, Lady La has built a career off of one simple philosophy, live every moment with gratitude. She's one of the few born and raised in Arizona and part of an even smaller group of people worldwide who have had the opportunity to spend their whole careers entertaining the same market. As devoted as the market has been to her, she's is just as devoted to them, over the years she's become their voice, their friend as well as one of their biggest supporters. Lady La is genuinely part of the fabric that makes Phoenix such a great city. 

It would be too easy to say during her time off you could find her ‘_____’, because honestly, there is no telling where you'll find Lady La in her off time. She could be on a remote beach in Hawaii, or smack dab in the middle of a 2000 mile road trip across the country on the hunt for her next Instagram worthy meal. Her passion for adventure, food, and beautiful sunsets keep her in perpetual motion.

While she did take a short break from media to combine her passion for cooking with her love for island culture she’s back on the air with two new shows on iHeartMedia stations, 104.7 KISS FM and MIX 96.9. You'll be seeing and hearing a lot from Lady La in the future so tune in your radios and get your yelp ready because shell be hitting airwaves and cruising the airstream with iHeart and Mahalo Made all year long!