Harkins Theatres Introduces New 2018 Loyalty Program, No More T-Shirts!

This is awesome! 

If you love going to the movies then you'll need to read this! Harkins Theatres has a new loyalty rewards program in 2018!

It's called "My Harkins Awards" and it lets moviegoers earn cash-credit on movie tickets and concession purchases that can be used toward future movies & snacks!


According to ABC 15, 

Here is what we know: 

  • You can sign-up for the free rewards program at www.Harkins.com or through the Harkins Theatre app. It will give you a membership number. That number, or a phone number, will be used to track purchases.
  • Every dollar spent equals a point earned. Points can be earned on movie tickets, concessions, popcorn and at the Harkins online store.
  • No more loyalty t-shirts! The theater chain is no longer selling its loyalty t-shirts that earned a free medium popcorn. 
  • Soda loyalty cup: The 2018 cup celebrates the Arizona-based theater's 85th anniversary. Each cup is $6. Just like previous years, when brought to the theater, refills are $1.50 each.
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