12 Normal Things That Meghan Markle Can't Do When She Becomes Royal

1. No Selfies - Meghan will no longer be able to take any selfies even with cute filters! Reason for it is to encourage people to make eye contact and have conversations with the royals.

2. Can't Sign Autographs - Meghan can no longer sign autographs when she becomes royal because the royals fear that the autographs will cause people to forge signatures. Only thing she can sign are royal documents, and visitors' books.

3. Can't Use Social Media - If you have noticed, Meghan already took down her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The only one Meghan will have access to is the Kensington Royal accounts to share updates and public royal business. That is it.

4. No P.D.A. - P.D.A. is quite rare in the Royal Family. It is a tradition that royal couples keep their P.D.A. to a minimum. Prince Harry and Meghan almost broke this during their engagement photos!

5. Can't Vote - Once Meghan marries Prince Harry, she will become a UK citizen but it is "unconstitutional" for members of the Royal Family to vote.

6. Can't Have Adult Bridesmaids - Two of Meghan's bff's are Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams but they might be too old to be one of her bridesmaids! Meghan is actually 36 and per royal tradition, the bridesmaids or maid of honor can't be over the age of 30! Kate Middleton pushed this rule because her sister was over the age.

7. Can't Wear Colored Nail Polish - The only nail color shades you will see Meghan wearing from now on will be skin-tone shades. Royal Family members are prohibited from wearing dark and colored nail polish!

8. Can't Wear Wedged-Shoes - It's not a very official rule but apparently the Queen isn't a fan of wedged heels which means -bye wedges!

9. Can't Eat At Her Own Pace - Meghan can't eat until the Queen starts eating and has to be finished right when the Queen does which apparently will be quite a task since the Queen eats fast!

10. Can't Sit Cross-Legged - Meghan can no longer sit with her legs crossed just out of a sign of respect so she will have to learn "the Duchess Slant" which Princess Diana used and Kate Middleton.

11. Can't Have Her Own Bedtime -This rule only applies if Meghan is staying over at the Queen's house. She has to stay up until the Queen decides to go to bed which can't be too late right?

12. The Last To Enter The Room -  For one, Meghan will be sitting a lot with Prince Harry but she will also be entering the room in a hierarchy order - Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camila, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and then Meghan.

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