Get Lady La's New Pizza At Sauce; Proceeds Help Children With Autism

There's a new pizza at Sauce Pizza & Wine and it's a special creation from Lady La! This pizza is special though... 50% of the proceeds from every pizza sold will help benefit "Surfing With Nixon" is a nonprofit organization that gives Autistic Kids in Arizona a chance to surf as a form of water therapy. Surfing give these kids sensory input and teaches them to control their bodies in and out of the water at the same time bringing families together who are dealing with the same similar experiences.

Please get to your local Sauce location and get this pizza! Don't like pizza? Get it for a friend or buy someone's lunch! This is a great cause! Make sure to tag yourself in photos if you go! 

Lady La

Lady La

I like garage sales & expensive perfume, free pizza, little people, and sometimes I talk to my plants. Read more


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