Chipotle Will Be Adding 'Chipotlanes' To Some Locations


Chipotle is spicing things up so to speak at a few of their lucky locations. According to Insider , some Chipotles will be adding " Chipotlanes " to some of their locations which in hindsight is a huge game changer especially if you are always on the go like myself.

What are Chipotlanes you ask? They are drive-thrus with a touch of Chipotle.

" Chipotlanes function essentially as drive-thrus, with the major difference being that customers need to place their orders via the Chipotle app or an online form. After placing the order, customers pull up to a window at the specified pickup time and get their order without ever having to leave the car."

So far they have already been added to 10 locations across the country with plans to add more. Now I just hope later in this year they add it to ones nearby!

Lady La

Lady La

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