Dunking Oreo Cookies In Mustard Is Apparently A Thing & I'm Very Confused

This whole thing started because of a crossword puzzle in USA Today. One clue said, “Cookie that some people eat with mustard” and “Oreo” was the only thing that fit.

According to Delish,

Brett Murphy, an investigative reporter for USA Today Network, received an email from someone who apparently thought they were missing out on something, because they actually tried this—and Murphy shared that person's experience with the world.

According to the email, the person actually tried it... “I tried it. You bastards,” they wrote. “Oreo and mustard—I can now inform you with learned experimental certainty—is wretched.” A 2019 video from WHO TV Channel 13 showed the station’s anchors trying the “treat” after receiving a tip from a reader who claimed it's good!

See the tweet and video below!

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