Women Spend 4 Times As Much Money Than Men To Compete On Bachelor Franchise


Women apparently spend 4 times more money than men just to compete for love on the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise! 

Women will spend a range from about $2k to $8k - full wardrobe for about 7 weeks plus makeup and so forth like tans/facials. This is proving that the show doesn't supply any of it. Men will spend about $300 to $5k including a full wardrobe for 7 weeks. For men, they can get away with wearing things again without people noticing as much. 

What is even crazier is that they don't get any pay during the process - it depends on how many weeks they are on the show & they have to provide their own wardrobe so it's not all glitz and glam. People even quit their jobs to participate. Crazy eh?! And most of the time, it doesn't even pay off so speak. And the ways they get the money to fund this adventure, can even be crazier! So why even do it?! The chance of love!

Shawn Mendes Gets Handsy With Lilliya Scarlett In 'Nervous' Video
Shawn Mendes Gets Handsy With Lilliya Scarlett In 'Nervous' Video
In the clip, model/arist Lilliya Scarlett's hands caress Shawn Mendes' face and chest
Mary Kennedy


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