Chipotle Is Spicing Up Their Menu!


In the last few months, Chipotle has been testing some new items like queso to be added to their menu but little did we know, they were working on a whole menu revamp!

Chipotle is going to be adding quesadillas, nachos, avocado tostadas, new  salads, milkshakes, and margaritas oh my! And their original items that they are known for will still be available in addition to these new items! I am probably gonna go every day for a week the first time it comes out because I have to try it all! 

Why are they doing this? Just to SPICE THINGS UP so to speak! Hahaha

A Roseanne Spin-Off Is On The Way
A Roseanne Spin-Off Is On The Way
Of course without Roseanne Barr
Mary Kennedy


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