Breyers' Is Releasing A New York Style Cheesecake Ice Cream!

posted by Jessica Goodman -

Buying this in BULK.

Posted by Delish on Monday, June 25, 2018

I am obsessed with all these different flavors of Oreos and now ice cream! Breyers is actually releasing a new flavor - New York Style Cheesecake and this one is strawberry flavored! How can this not be good?! It's like having ice cream and cheesecake all in one! 

Yea- I have a problem. My name is junkfoodmom and I continue to buy grocery store ice cream/ frozen desserts etc. Most times it’s a let down but ever once in awhile you get a winner. This one lays in between... Breyers New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Dairy dessert. Cheesecake flavor, a strawberry swirl and cheesecake pieces with graham crust. The “frozen dairy dessert” is ok, strawberry swirl is plentiful and tasty, the cheesecake pieces are actually small square chunks and tasted like cheesecake. However, there was barely any graham crust on them. Is there a graham shortage this year? 🤔 It ain’t cheesecake without a graham crust. A graham swirl would’ve been awesome in this. Can’t always get my hands on premium shop ice cream so I don’t mind trying grocery store brands for us regular folks. 🤷🏼‍♀️. FOUND IN KROGER #breyers #breyersicecream #breyersnewyorkstylecheesecake #breyersnycheesecake #breyersstrawberrycheesecake #newyorkstylecheesecake #cheesecake #newyork #strawberrycheesecake #frozendairydessert #breyersfrozendairydessert #strawberryswirl #kroger #noticecream #illeatthecheapstuff #cheapdate

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