New Artist Spotlight - The Revivalists


The Revivalists have been attracting our attention for some time now! They are an America roots-driven rock band out of New Orleans. The band is make up of 7 people - Ed Williams, David Shaw, Zack Feinberg, Rob Ingraham, George Gekas, Andrew Campanelli, and Michael Girardot. 

"The title sums up our collective feeling,” says Shaw. "We started to find ourselves on festival bills with our idols and in front of huge crowds. We thought, ‘We’re amongst these giants, but we’re holding our own.’ We felt like we stood up and met the challenge by simply being who we are as The Revivalists.”


The story of how they formed is a story of fate and a reminder that everything happens for a reason! Zack and David were the founding members of the band and they met when Zack was riding his bike past David's house. It was a different route than what he normally would take but for some reason that day he went that way as if he was almost compelled! He rode right back David's house and heard him singing, Purple Heart, on his porch. Zack got off his bike and went to talk to David. They talked about music for a while. And they planned to meet up that night to play music. They did and never stopped!

When they came to perform in studio, 2 out of the 7 band members came in and had small talk but we were blown away by what happened when David started singing! You had no idea he had that voice in that tall, thin body! So neat!


Men Amongst Mountains is their 3rd album and it got recognized by Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month in 2016 for a segment on the Today Show where they performed Wish I Knew! It was only the beginning! They kid the Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel, the radio circuit, and large festivals across the country! Wish I Knew reached #1 on the alternative charts May 2017! 

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