CARDS FOR KIDS IS BACK!  This is our 3rd annual Cards For Kids event and our mission is to raise money so that we can give $25 gift cards to students at select title 1 schools that are 100% free or reduced lunch right here in the valley!

And we need YOUR help raising the money! With the money raised Mathew Blades In The Morning will purchase a gift card for each student at chosen Title 1 schools!  And because you guys have been so generous in the past, this year we are dreaming big! We want to raise MORE than the $30,000 we raised last year. 

Please take a look at what you helped us do last year and then click on the link, which will take you directly to a page where you can pick out your holiday card (that was designed by a kid) and you can make your donation for this year.


Still on a Cards For Kids high! Can't wait to hit up school number THREE today! Stay tuned to find out where we're going...

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