ASU professor arrested for feeding immigrants

This story makes me sad. 12 News reported that an ASU instructor was arrested because he - wait for it - acted like a human. 

 Now listen, I know that immigration is a hot topic here in AZ, but this is TOO MUCH!  This guy works for a volunteer organization that offers aid to immigrants crossing the desert in southern Arizona.  

Now, like I said, I understand that crossing over illegally is not the right thing to do...but giving giving people a bottle of water/food/some clothes CAN’T be a crime.  RIGHT?

I come from the school of treat others like you want to be treated, but I also understand that immigration is a difficult thing to solve.  But arresting the guy who gives someone water isn’t the way to fix I‎t.

I also want to say that I LOVE how ASU handled this situation!  OK, rant over.

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