The GERMIEST spots in offices that will make you sick!

It’s flu season and EVERYONE is terrified. It’s been one of the harshest years to date to get the flu. It’s a strong bug this year! So, taking every precaution is necessary! 

Now it’s time to break down the germiest locations in an office and make sure to AVOID THEM! 

Here are the GERMIEST places in offices! 

  • Women's offices! They contain 2x the germs as men’s offices because make-up cases and purses have the most bacteria.
  • Office sink sponges, if you must use them then microwave frequently or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Men's wallets should be wiped regularly because they are rarely cleaned.
  • ALL PHONES! Don’t share or borrow phones unless you know they’ve been wiped! 
  • And this one surprised me, SOAP DISPENSERS! Yes, the thing that is supposed to clean and disinfect is the germiest! 
So, take this into account and take all precautions necessary!  

Mathew & Priscilla In The Morning

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