Priscilla’s Wedding Pictures Are Here!

I can’t believe it has already been two months since we got married! It still feels like yesterday. Looking back I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. Despite the fact that there was a moment during the day that I thought our wedding day wasn’t going to happen.

So, for those of you that dont know... The day of our wedding Jax got VERY SICK. She was lethargic, high fever, and vomiting every where. In the morning she was fine, but as soon as we arrived to the venue things went down hill. I was so worried about her that I couldn’t do anything until I knew we were doing something to get her better. I was ready to leave the venue and take her to urgent care. BUT my wedding planners (Your Jubilee) jumped into action and ran to Frys to buy baby Tylenol. They rushed back and we gave Jax Tylenol and she immediately fell asleep. Our babysitter stayed in the bridal suite with her while we took some pictures but I had a hard time relaxing because I was still so worried about her. 

She was sleeping soundly and we originally decided to let her sleep while we went through with the ceremony. BUT 5 min before the ceremony Michael called an audible and said no, she has to see us get married. (I was waiting behind the doors while all of this was happening.) And they went to wake her up and she sat in the front row with our sitter. And I look back now and THANK MICHAEL SO MUCH for waking her up. I would have been so devastated looking back at pics and not seeing baby Jax in any of them. And here’s the crazy thing. She woke up and she was ready to go!! She wasn’t sick anymore and she rallied all night at the reception! Haha 

That’s why you may not have seen her walk down the aisle with her buddies Crue and Hudson, or why she has a bit of a grumpy face in some of the pics, or why she’s wearing pants and a sweater at the end haha

Despite the sick baby, it was still the most beautiful day full of love and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

I have put a few of my favorite pics from the day below and I can say none of it would have been possible without ALL OF THESE AMAZING VENDORS. Seriously, CLICK HERE if you want the most amazing wedding team! 

Mathew & Priscilla In The Morning

Mathew & Priscilla In The Morning

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