This Guy Spend $150K To Visit 14,400 Starbucks


This guy has one interesting hobby! He has visited over 14,400 Starbucks locations and has spent over $150,000 doing so. His goal is to visit all 27,339+ locations and buy a coffee from each. He calls this Starbucking

He's 46-years-old, taking computer programming contractor assignments that allow him to travel freely. He lives in his car to make said traveling easier ("it’s fine"), and he's really starting to think about what the next chapter of his life looks like now that he's spent north of $150,000 on "Starbucking" ... also, the chain is set to continue expanding rapidly in the upcoming years.

This project started in 1997 and so far has dedicated over 20 years to this! How crazy?! It has even affected relationships but he is determined. So what is one of the Starbucking trips he's excited for the most?

 I wanted nothing more than to get as far away from Florida as possible and go over to Asia and just see Starbucks and other coffee shops and lose myself in that, but I had to work. Hitting a lot of new countries is on my list — top of my list is Indonesia, because it’s the only major country in Southeast Asia I havn’t yet been to. I don’t know if Myanmar [Starbucks] has opened, but it’s coming soon. Kazakhstan has a lot of stores, Azerbaijan has a few stores, Brunei has a couple stores. Taiwan has a lot of stores; I’ve been there but I only saw a few stores. Basically spending three months traveling the world. I’m kinda going stir crazy here waiting until I can get overseas, but the way contracting works, you gotta take the work when you can get it.

I also hope he checks out the new sign language one headed to D.C.!

Starbucks Is Opening Their First Sign Language Cafe
Starbucks Is Opening Their First Sign Language Cafe
In Washington D.C.
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