The FDA Approved An App As A Form Of Birth Control


The FDA just approved an app as a form of birth control. Yes, you read that right!  It is a Swedish app too. 

Natural Cycles  was already in use as a way to prevent pregnancy in certain European countries. However, this is the first time a so-called “digital contraceptive” has been approved in America.

The app works using an algorithm based on data given by women using the app, such as daily body temperature and monthly menstrual cycles. It then calculates the exact window of days each month a woman is most fertile and therefore likely to conceive. Women can then see which days the app recommends they should avoid having sex or use protection to avoid getting pregnant.

Tracking your cycle to determine a fertile window has long been used to either become pregnant or avoid conceiving. However, Natural Cycles put a scientific spin on the age-old method by evaluating more than 15,000 women to determine its algorithm had an effectiveness rate with a margin of error of 1.8 percent for “perfect use” and a 6 percent failure rate for “typical use.”

What that means is almost two in every 100 women could likely conceive on a different date than the calculated fertile window. That’s not exactly fool-proof, but it is higher than many other contraceptive methods. A condom, for instance, has an 18 percent margin of error rate, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Isn't this interesting? It's basically an app that calculates when you are the most fertile cycle wise so that if you don't want to use protection you can know when it is okay to and when it's not okay to because an accident is more likely to happen at certain times of the month unless it is something you want. Question here is, would you try use it or would you trust an app for this?

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