A Fallsgiving Party Is New Tradition


What is a Fallsgiving party? 

A Fallsgiving party is essentially a celebration of all things fall. It's another excuse to get your crew together, and make some memories that just happen to be in theme with the season. Unlike Friendsgiving, you don't need to prepare a bunch of food. (Phew! Nobody knew how to carve a turkey, anyway.) Although, you may decide to pull out the recipe books or Pinterest boards and make some homemade caramel apples.

It's not like Halloween, either. You don't need to wear a costume or dress up like your favorite sitcom character. Just a oversized sweater, a pair of boots, or something in your closet that's mustard yellow will be fine! You'll fill a weekend up with activities that you can only do when it's a bit chilly outside. A football game, drinking hot apple cider, and watching your favorite Halloween movies are all fair game. 

It is basically a party where you get to celebrate all things fall! I kid you not, people actually do this! 

All of your favorite fall activities have a place during Fallsgiving. That's right — eating cotton candy at local fairs, roaming around pumpkin patches, and picking apples with your besties can be part of the itinerary this weekend.

You'll gather around a table, or start wildly texting in the group chat about what you want to do. Each friend will pick one activity, and you'll make sure to check everything off the list. Maybe you'll bake an apple pie, make a jack-o'-lantern, or plan your Halloween costumes. There's going to be at least one person who wants to ride a Ferris wheel, and don't forget about that spooky haunted house!

So time to get some pumpkin spice, roam some pumpkin patches & your friends in oversized sweaters! Might seem extreme but hey, if it gets you to hang out with your friends, then it's worth it!

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