Oreo Mooncakes Exist In Asia

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We need a box of these OREO mooncakes ASAP.

Posted by Foodbeast on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Now I have to book a trip to Asia because they have Oreo Mooncakes! Yes, Oreo Mooncakes! 

Traditionally, mooncakes are consumed during the mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival), which is celebrated by both China and Vietnam. This year, it falls on September 24 to correspond with the season's first full moon.

The mooncakes are meant to be shared with family, as a symbol of reunion and to wish for a long and happy life. These OREO versions were created as a way for folks to both partake in the tradition and enjoy OREO flavors at the same time.

Some of the flavors are Brownie Chocolate, Double Chocolate with Milk, Strawberry Jam, and Custard and Pineapple Jam.

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Oreo Mooncakes from China! It is tradition to eat Mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival which takes place on September 24th this year and on account of this, Oreo has produced gift sets. This particular one we purchased on eBay includes: • 🍫 Brownie Chocolate - These do in fact taste like a brownie bite! Flavor could be stronger but those are just our spoiled American tastebuds talking. ➖ 🍫 Double Chocolate with Milk - Although this one says double chocolate, the chocolate taste present is shielded by the lotus seed paste. The chocolate center is great, but only accounts for a small portion of the overall mooncake. This would have been awesome dipped in more chocolate. ➖ 🍓 Strawberry Jam - These might actually be our favorite! We were certain we'd be more partial to the chocolate flavors, but they were too subtle to really love. These on the other hand had the strongest smell and taste on account of the rich jam center. And the smell was amazing! Like real strawberries! ➖ 🍍 Custard and Pineapple Jam - This one was surprisingly delightful. We generally stay far away from pineapple but this was well balanced and the custard flavored shell surrounding it gave it a complimentary contrast. • 🇨🇳 Traditional Mooncakes contain a thick filling usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste and is surrounded by a thin crust. These Oreo Mooncakes however, contained a thick flavored paste along with a lotus seed paste and/or jam accompanying it. Keep in mind that Mooncakes are unlike traditional cakes, and these were pretty dense and didn't pack a very flavorful bite compared to anything similar that you'd be able to get in the states. But we're still glad we got to try these; as anything Oreo related we must get in our possession. You can find these on eBay! User iplimited has these as well as DOZENS of other Chinese Oreo products available! Check our story for the link. 🛒 #mnmtwinzOreo ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #Oreo #Oreos #Mooncake #Mooncakes #China #Chinese #MidAutumnFestival #brownie #chocolate #strawberry #pineapple #cake #cookie #cookies #f52grams #junkfood #delish #eatingfortheinsta #instagood #foodstagram #snack #sweet #sugar #hungry #snack #foodie #foodporn

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