Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Let’s hoist the Jolly Roger, break out the rum, and look back at the holiday’s timber-shivering history.

Posted by Mental Floss on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day and to celebrate, here are some fun facts about this national day!

1. It was created on D-Day - Talk Like a Pirate Day creators John Baur and Mark Summer (who’ve since acquired the nicknames “Ol’ Chumbucket” and “Cap’n Slappy,” respectively) created the holiday while playing racquetball on June 6, 1995—the 51st anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. Out of respect to the battle’s veterans, a new observance date was quickly sought.

2. Real pirates had a variety of dialects - Despite some extensive “English-to-Pirate” dictionaries that have cropped up all over the Internet the idea that all pirates shared a common accent regardless of national origin is historically absurd, as National Geographic pointed out in 2011.

3. There is also a Day Of The Ninja

4. Astronauts celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on an international space staton

5. Former President Barack Obama celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day in 2012

It could be a good excuse to talk only as a pirate all day! ARGH MATEY! SHIVERY ME TIMBERS! 

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