Quitting Fatty Foods Causes Withdrawal Symptoms Like Coming Off Of Drugs


Did you know that giving up fatty foods could cause similar withdrawal symptoms like coming off of drugs? According to this study from University of Michigan, it's true.

People who ditch burgers go through the same sadness, tiredness and depression that drug users experience when they try to quit.

But if someone can last the first five days, quitting becomes easier and cravings and tiredness begin to fade away, scientists say.

The research suggests fatty foods are addictive to the brain and it could be harder for people to change their diet than experts previously thought. 

Quitting junk food can cause sadness, tiredness and cravings which mirror the effects of stopping drugs, which could be preventing people from switching to healthier diets, researchers at the University of Michigan revealed

Like drugs, fatty foods can also be addictive. 

Highly processed foods like chocolate, pizza and French fries really are addictive, University of Michigan researchers claimed in 2015.

They say certain foods – usually processed food – trigger the same ‘reward’ centres in the brain as hard drugs. 

And studies on humans have shown some people meet the criteria for substance dependence (drug addiction) when the substance is food.

It isn’t known which specific foods produce addictive responses but foods with added fat or refined carbohydrates (like white flour and sugar) are more likely to.

The study also believes that about 55% of Americans are expected to be obese by 2045 at the rate they are going. 

And as a result of expanding waistlines, one in every eight people will be expected to develop type 2 diabetes during the same period, more than the one in 11 today.

This will likely lead to an increase in the number of people dying of cancer, stroke and heart disease, all of which become more likely as people gain weight.

I find this information quite astonishing! Don't you? 

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