Meet The Creepy New Mascot For The Flyers


You gotta check out the new mascot for the NHL team - the Flyers - because the internet is having a field day! His name is Gritty and honestly, we have no idea what this even is other than a thing of nightmares! 

The criticism seems fair, but, let's be honest, Gritty is great. Classic hockey hair. It has a hilarious name that old school hockey fans will love and younger fans who like the speed of the game more than fisticuffs will love to make fun of. It kind of looks like a Muppet and the Muppets are great. Some people think it looks like Animal. Animal is great. It's a crazy jumbled up nightmare and that's way better than some boring nonsense like a walking baseball or whatever this is. Gritty is terrible. Gritty is great.

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