For Halloween You Can Be A Social Influencer

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Nothing says Insta-famous like paying $59 for a package of crap.

Posted by The Verge on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Urban Outfitters you have outdone yourself here! Hahaha!  For Halloween, they are selling a leggings and sports bra set as a social influencer costume for $59! Yes, they are charging you $59 for parts of a costume most of you have in your closet any way! 

An “influencer costume” that literally consists of a pair of leggings and an unpadded super-crop top they’re calling a “sports bra,” which costs 59 — fifty-nine! — American dollars.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there: if you want to complete the look they advertise in the photos, you’ll have to buy the astoundingly plastic $16 platinum-blonde wig, the $70 Fila sneakers, and the $10 (on sale! no longer available in black!) canvas baseball hat, too. In total, that makes your “influencer costume” come out to about $155. (The sunglasses are up to you, though — preferably, they’ll be designer.)

Just insane right?! But it's a trend thing so you probably will expect that someone or a few people will buy this costume for that reason! 

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