How Psychopaths Take Their Coffee


A 2016 study conducted at the University of Innsbruck in Austria revealed black-coffee drinkers are more likely to show tendencies of psychopathy than those who prefer their java sugary sweet.

Two studies were conducted, and each investigated how taste preferences might be associated with antisocial personality traits. In both studies, the results were the same. The findings demonstrated a strong link between the preference for bitter-tasting foods (black coffee, celery, radishes, tonic water) and heightened sadistic traits.

In other words, if you really like bitter foods, that could mean you also enjoy the feeling of seeing others in pain. 

According to the Huffington Post, bitter foods (i.e., chocolate, coffee, beer, broccoli) can actually have the opposite effect on blood sugar that sweet food and drinks have. Meaning, instead of causing blood sugar levels to spike then dip, they can help moderate the levels.

So if you like your coffee with sugar and cream that means you are okay. Now maybe we gotta be more concerned about those black coffee drinkers! Then again, not all black coffee drinkers are psychopaths just someone with low blood sugar!

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