A Few Ways To Save Money Each Month


Would you like to have some extra spending money? There are about 10 ways on how you can earn some extra cash or save some money!

1. Get A High-Yield Saving Account

What is it? A high-yield account is just like any other bank account except it pays a super-high interest rate. These rates change, but for the most part, you can earn roughly 1 percent with these types of savings account. The best part? Interest is deposited monthly, meaning you’ll start to see the fruits of your “investment” fast.

How much you can earn: 1 percent on your own savings.

Savings this month: $5 if you stash $500 in your new account, more if you’re able to put more in the account.

2. Look For Thrift Shop Deals & Sell On Ebay

The trick is to know what works—clothes with the tags still on them (I find these all the time!), name-brand jeans that are in good condition and cashmere sweaters seem to perform the best, according to Tretina, who shared her story with The Penny Hoarder.

How much you can earn: Up to $800 a month for 10-15 hours of work a week.

Savings this month: $115 for reselling three pairs of name-brand jeans.

You could also sell stuff you don't use or wear anymore!

3. Focus Groups

4. Sign Up For Medical Research Studies

5. Deliver Packages For Amazon

You’ve got a car and some spare time, why not make a little extra cash by delivering packages for Amazon? Once you’re hired as an Amazon Flex driver, you tell Amazon when you’re available to work. Then you’ll pick up and deliver packages using the Amazon Flex mobile app.

You can set your own schedule and wear whatever you want to work!

How much you can earn: $18 to $25 per hour.

Savings this month: $200 for two hours of work each week.

8. Become A Tutor

9. Only Buy Things You Need 

10. Make Money Goals 

This is always easier said then done but important things to take into account but most of it comes down to changing your habits! 

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