You Can Carve A Jack-O-Lantern Without The Mess


The idea of carving pumpkins sound all nice and fun till you actually do it! You got tons of pumpkin guts, seeds, and just a pile of mess that seems to exist for days! But there is actually a way to carve that pumpkin without the mess!

Supplies Needed

Now here is the fun part according to PopSugar!

First, pick out a pattern. Use newspaper as a placemat and place it all before you get started! For kids, make sure you have an adult nearby because this is when you start cutting this big boy! Use a spoon and have a bowl nearby for when you scoop out the guts and seeds. Don't use your hands cause it gets even messier and slippery which I know from experience! It took days to get he mess fixed trust me! Next, trace your design on the outside of the pumpkin and cut safely. Once you are done, put the LED light inside the pumpkin and place it outside! 

Game changing huh?!

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