Dog Stopped Professional Soccer Game So He Could Get A Belly Rub

I love watching how a dog thinks or acts because they are like tiny people! It's so interesting. This dog however did somethingt thing that was just too cute to get mad about. He went onto the field during a professional soccer game and rolled over for a belly rub!

According to Thrillist, the dog found out to get on the field for a few minutes. 

[He attempted] to get several players to play with him and generally trotting about as fans cheer. Eventually, the goalie approaches him and gets him to sit.  And then he rolls over, AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. He's clearly demanding a belly rub, but this request, at least according to this footage, is denied. Finally, another player tricks the dog off the field by getting it to chase him.

This is just the dog trying to live his best life in a spot that every other dog would have loved to have been a part of - a green field, soccer balls, and belly rubbers! 

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